Hello, my name is Pascal, but known as Gremagol over the internet. I'm the owner of HatKid, a clone of NadekoBot & AvaIre. I'm doing this for almost three years, but there are still many many things to learn. Current languages I know are bit of C#, JavaScript, Java and some HTML


HatKid, A Bot that combines the functions of NadekoBot and AvaIre for a good experience. (Not customized at all, so no need for sourcecode).

Shinoa-Bot, A Nadeko-Clone, with changed Source and a very good music module (Dead)

Shinoa-Music, A clone of AvaIre, but customized, for use as Music module. (Dead)

Embed Generator, An remake of Nadeko's Embed Builder.

Windows Scripts, Newer Windows Scripts for Nadeko version 1.8+